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Billing, Insurance, and Financial Assistance

We believe it's important for you to understand how your child's bill is processed and to be familiar with your insurance coverage. Please contact our Patient Accounts Department at (914) 493-2089 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to assist you with any questions.

Your Health Insurance Coverage

Hospital insurance plans vary widely and we recommend that you carefully read the terms of your policy. Some contracts limit the number of days and/or amount of coverage under the terms of the plan. Please bring all your medical insurance cards and any special forms required to your pre-admission testing or on the day you are admitted. Items not covered by insurance, such as deductibles and private rooms, are payable in full at the time of discharge.

Notifying Your Insurance Carrier

You are responsible for contacting your insurance carrier prior to elective admission (if required) and 24 to 48 hours after Emergency Room admittance or transfer from another hospital. Refer to your contract to ensure you adhere to the terms of your specific plan.

If there are any questions about your insurance, a Patient Accounts Representative will contact you either for more information or to explain your responsibilities. It is important that you understand that the final responsibility for payment is with you, the patient.

About your Bill

Your bill from Westchester Medical Center does not include your doctor's fee nor the fees of other physician specialists, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists or other consulting physicians to whom you may be referred by your doctor. You will receive a separate bill for services from each of them.

Financial Assistance: Click here to learn more about Financial Assistance.